The Block 2016: This Season’s Top 10 Design ...

The Block 2016: This Season’s Top 10 Design Moments


The Block 2016 has come to an end. And upon reflection, it has to be said that this season produced some of the best design moments since Shannon & Simon and Darren & Dea’s work back in 2014.

It was quite a mixed bag this year in terms of the teams and their ability to design and decorate. Every week I dropped truth bombs about what I did and didn’t like as the spaces were revealed. There were some shockers, for sure. But on the most part this season delivered some truly inspiring spaces. And that’s really all I look to The Block to do; give me ideas and inspo for my own home.

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I told you in this post that walking through The Block apartments in-person made me see the rooms in a whole new light – literally. So while I wasn’t keen on some of the spaces when I saw them on the tele, many of them were truly awe-inspiring in-the-flesh.

So let’s take a look at the top 10 design moments from The Block 2016. And definitely drop me a comment below if there’s a space you think I missed!


The Block 2016: This Season’s Top 10 Design Moments

Have a scroll through the slideshow below as we look at the best spaces in order of their appearance this season. It has to be said that Julia and Sasha produced the best rooms out of all the teams, and I can’t wait to see what these gals do after the show wraps up!


Julia and Sasha’s week 1 ensuite set the benchmark for the entire season.

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