Sky Parlour in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Sky Parlour in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Sky Parlour Pink GlassesFor a long time, I hoped a homewares store would open in the suburb of Kensington where I live. For reasons unknown, my prayers were answered a few months ago; Sky Parlour finally arrived!

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 7.05.05 PM

Sky Parlour Bowls and Mugs Sky Parlour Vases on LadderA labour of love from design duo Karina Jambrak and Vaishali Nand, Sky Parlour is a very welcome addition to the homewares stores of the Eastern Suburbs. The main reason for this? I picked up some of the items on my tour and actually gasped at the prices – in a good way, of course. These are homewares you can actually afford, which is a hole in the market the girls wanted to fill.

Sky Parlour Candle Holders

Sky Parlour Floral Plates and Cutlery

Sky Parlour Lavender in Vintage TinThe vibe is a glorious mixture of new and old wares. There is a earthy, beach vibe too, but not in an expected way. Pops of colour grab your eye without being glaringly obvious and there’s a sense of opulence in their glassware and crockery that steers clear of pretentious.

Sky Parlour Aqua Bottles and White Milk Bottles Sky Parlour White PotteryThere’s a vintage and preloved vibe too, as though many of the items have lived a life, but again, it’s not obvious and it doesn’t feel aged. They’ve managed to pack a lot into a somewhat cosy space too, but you’re safe to roam atop the whitewashed wood floor without fear of knocking over a thing!

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 7.35.39 PMSky Parlour Animal Skull with Horns

Sky Parlour Chair and Front DoorScreen Shot 2013-01-02 at 7.39.27 PMLet me know if you’ve popped in and checked this lovely store out. And for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to get to it in person, there’s a marvellous website so you can still experience the Sky Parlour excitement!


  1. Ryan Zanui

    25 May

    Very nice post about homewares with well described content and pictures.

    • Thanks Ryan – I absolutely love the store so the words flow easily when there’s such stunning homewares to work with.

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