Mint Decorating: Easy Ways to use this Colour at H...

Mint Decorating: Easy Ways to use this Colour at Home

mint and white bedspread from lorraine lea with beige pillows and flat sheet

I’ve had quite the journey with mint decorating. When I first started this blog four and a half years ago, it was not one of my favourite tones (more on that here). But over the years I’ve become quite the floozy when it comes to hue; I’m hot for just about every shade on the colour wheel and I’m always up for giving it a go at home. Except for that colour I like to call baby poo brown. I draw the line at baby poo brown.

Mint decorating has become so popular of late and I’m calling it a trending hue this season. What I’ve come to adore about mint in homewares, bedding and art, is that it’s so versatile and plays well with a tonne of other colours. Even some shades you might not expect.

This year I’ve partnered with my friends at Lorraine Lea for a series of styled shoots and video content – shot in my very own home. Scroll further down to see some of the photos from the first shoot and the how-to video!

mint and blush faux fur cushions and throws on beige occasional chair and cream rug

Mint Decorating Made Easy

As you can see above and below, mint works marvellously with both blush and grey. I love the colour-clash vibe the cool mint and warm pink tones above give off. Introduce a third colour, like a deep blue or green, and you have a trifecta of tones that are so visually punchy.

The base palette in my new home is a combination of grey, white and black. These subdued shades make for a great foundation to pop mint atop of. It really stands out and makes a statement, don’t you think? For Autumn, I’m a wee bit obsessed with faux fur, so those mint, blush and grey cushions above and below are giving me serious heart palpitations.

On a side note: I’m impressed the Mother-in-Law’s tongue plant you see in the photo above is STILL alive. I’m known to kill anything green, so to have this hardy beast still thriving is a huge win for this black thumb! If you’ve got a fiddle leaf fig and are struggling to keep it alive, this post feels your pain.

mint and grey faux fur cushions on grey sofa with mint and white paper pendant light

Catch me Mint Decorating in the Video Below

This is the first of many videos you’ll see me create for Lorraine Lea this year in my own home. And hopefully you can grab some ideas and inspo from it. The furniture you see here is mine, and the majority of killer decor and bedding you see if from Lorraine Lea.

If you’re keen to find out about all of the products you see and how you can buy them, click here.

Otherwise press play on the video below, watch me do my stylists thing at home, and enjoy the mint decorating inspo!

Outside of his work as Editor of The Life Creative blog, Chris is also an interior stylist, presenter and author. His first book, Sydney Precincts, is out now. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here


  1. Anna Kenny

    14 April

    Just gorgeous espec that mint throw – and Ive only just changed all my decor room by room to Aut, Gold with grey and touches of black, I put all my summer mint stuff away and am craving it again, please dont do this to me Chris, my husband and all my friends already think Im weird and OCD , I have to curb myself and wait to summer to go back to mint – mmmm maybe just one room !!!!!!!

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