So it's time to sell your property and the inevitable question has come up: do you need to have it professionally staged for sale?

The answer is yes – and there's a few reasons we say this!

The biggest benefit to having your home professionally staged and styled is the financial gain.

Local and international studies have revealed that bringing in a professional to declutter, furnish and style your home can actually add between 7 and 17 percent to your property sale. 

The Life Creative is a Melbourne home staging service that follows a simple, four-step process to help you sell your home:

  1. We consult with you on-site
  2. We provide you with a quote to accept
  3. We furnish your space in a day
  4. We remove all items when required

If you're ready to have us provide you with a free quote, simply click on the button below. Or scroll down further to find out more about the benefits of home staging and how The Life Creative can make it easy for you!

home staging melbourne coastal dining room with large indoor plant



Having a professionally staged and styled home ready for sale can contribute to an increased sale price of up to 17%.


Buyers who see a staged home realise its full potential. Staged homes can sell between 30% to 50% faster than the competition.


A professionally staged home looks better online. Styled photos attract more potential buyers to your property viewing.


Worried about whether your current decor helps or hinders the sale? A professional staging service takes care of all that!

Chris Carroll
: Interior Stylist and Decorator

Chris is an experienced interior stylist and home decorator. Having founded The Life Creative back in 2012, he believes that great design is for everyone. 

The Life Creative team not only brings a wealth of knowledge to your home staging experience, but a genuine desire to help your property look phenomenal for sale. We go on the journey with you and support you every step of the way.


Chris assisted us to ensure our briefing for him was comprehensive, he delivered the required mood boards on time and crafted selections that worked with our available budget constraints. He worked with us from concept to execution and beyond. 

- Suzanne c.

I instantly liked Chris from our initial consult meeting at my home, and his ideas and creative flair totally exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone that was looking for design help for the indoor and outdoor living areas.

- Joanna F.


How much does it cost?

It varies based on a number of elements like the size of the property, number of rooms and length of staging. We will provide a free quote for you after we conduct a consult.

How does it work?

We organise delivery, installation and staging of your entire home or the agreed areas and then once the home has sold or the staging period has finished, we collect everything. 

Do I have to stage my whole property?

A fully styled and staged property will look its best and have the best chance of catching a buyer. However, if you only need some elements of the home styled, partial-stage packages are available.

What do you provide?

Everything from large furniture like lounges and beds, to lighting, art, mirrors, plants, cushions, linen and other decorative items. All items are selected to work together seamlessly.


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a consult time.