This Week’s Creative Finds: Tealight Candles...

This Week’s Creative Finds: Tealight Candles, Tea Towels and More!

Washi Tape Tealight candles from The Tealight Co

1 | I didn’t think tealight candles could get any prettier in giving a room some atmosphere until I cast my eyes on this gang of six from the masterminds at The Tealight Co (the Black Snowflake is my fave). These soy wax candles – available via Superking Australia – use rice paper washi tape and are all about embracing colour and light. I’m sold; I’ll take 650 in each colour thanks!

The Life Creative in Naturally Australia Magazine

2 | In case you hadn’t seen me banging on about it via my Facebook and Twitter pages, I couldn’t help but include it in this week’s creative finds post. The lovely team at Naturally Australia Magazine gave TLC blog a little shoutout in their new issue. It’s my first bit of printed recognition and I’m very chuffed to see that The Life Creative is making it into such amazing publications!

Sil Tea Towel from Ten Things

3 | I went a little gaga once I discovered that Ten Things – one of my fave stores for all things home wand giftware – was having a Queen’s Birthday long weekend sale. My fave find from the collection has to be this Sill tea towel. I tend to gravitate toward bold patterns and blue is my fave colour, so this is right on the money. The sale, mind you, is still on; hit their website, stat!

The Stripey Street Cat Graffiti Book

4 | My love of cats and my love of street art were finally combined when I receive this book as a gift (because spray painting real cats is apparently not allowed?). This stripey street cat is all over Sydney and even featured on a wall in one of my previous creative finds post, so it’s a real moment of joy and rapture to now have the book chronicling Stripey’s journey about town.

Armchair styling from West Elm

5 | I knew going into West Elm for the first time this week was going to run the risk of me wetting myself with excitement all over their gorgeous timber floors, but I made the mind-blowing journey anyway and managed to come out dry! Suffice to say though, it is out of this world. I am not even exaggerating. It is by far the best thing to happen to Bondi Junction… possibly ever. Just get a load of the staging and styling above. I must do a complete store tour for you soon!

Vintage Car Ornaments from My Home

6 | I love anything and everything UK. Except One Direction; they can keep One Direction. But when it comes to home decor I adore a British vibe. These brilliant blue cars from My House are very much in keeping with that vibe. Β They’re also metal, so they totally play into my crush on all things industrial. One would be perfect as a paper weight in a study – can you picture it?

Ceramic Pineapples from Hart & Heim

7 | Nobody should be forced to drive to The Big Pineapple when you can score a far more stylish version at home courtesy of Hart & Heim. This place is busting at the seams with endless gift ideas and I always wander in for a look when I’m in Bondi Junction. I love the combination of green and white here; very bold, very vibrant, very vodka-with-lime-and-soda-please.


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